Album Premiere: Vomitheist – Nekrofvneral

Is it a mashup of “vomit” and “theist,” or is it “vomit heist?” Regardless of whether you’re worshipping it or stealing it, it’s a good day for all you puke enthusiasts out there. Today, we’re helping Vomitheist bring you the debut of their first full-length album, and let me tell you, this thing is downright stinky. As we know, the HM-2 provides only the smelliest of tones, and this album is ripe with it. Combine it with this mixture of mid-tempo D-beats, bilious galloping riffs, and enough over-the-top swagger to do Bloodbath proud, and you’ve got yourself an album that reeks of a … Continue reading Album Premiere: Vomitheist – Nekrofvneral