July Roundup: Black’n’Death’n’Thrash’n’Folk

Latest-est music from Naglfar, Skeleton, Firelink, RingarĂ«, Slidhr and Akatechism, also Panopticon and Aerial Ruin. Naglfar – Cerecloth It’s been a long while since Teras dropped to divide Naglfar‘s fans’ opinions, so Cerecloth was received with hands shaking in anticipation. Or would have been, if I were more of a fan. The Swedish meloblack group has had their moments in the sun, their earlier output especially, but choice cuts from later albums as well haven’t lost their charm, but for one reason or another I’ve never been invested in the group enough to mourn Jens Ryden’s departure in the mid-aughts, … Continue reading July Roundup: Black’n’Death’n’Thrash’n’Folk