June Roundup: Death, Doom, Black, Jazz & Thrash

The latest/upcoming records from Abramelin, Dinosaur, Hail Spirit Noir, Thanatos, Serment & Sorcerer Abramelin – Never Enough Snuff Abramelin‘s back after some 20 years since their sophomore, Deadspeak, dropped. Well, technically, they’ve been back since 2016, but no one would blame you for not having heard of that. In his quest to drum for every Australian band out(back) there, Dave Haley’s taken up the stool behind the kit, and the chair too, but every other man in the line-up, besides the ever-present guitarist/vocalist duo of Aldridge & Dower (Matt Wilcock on guitars and Rob Mollica on bass) has previously enjoyed … Continue reading June Roundup: Death, Doom, Black, Jazz & Thrash