Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (9/23/21)

LOOGIT THESE LITTLE BITTY REVIEWS Lantlôs– Wildhund Prophecy Productions | July 30th, 2021 It has been seven grueling years since Lantlôs’ last release, Melting Sun. I have been craving more of their singular blend of indie/alt rock/metal and Wildhund delivers. It makes sense that master of dreamspace metal, Neige (Alcest), was a former member, but after his amicable exit, the band shifted drastically out of blackgaze and somehow kept that feeling of non-realness in this new sound. Markus’ vocals are once again the perfect cathartic counterpoint to the awkwardly pulsating progressive rhythms. While openers “Lake Fantasy” and “Magnolia” very much … Continue reading Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (9/23/21)