Movies From Green Hell 1 – Freaked


Join us for a new, once-monthly heavy metal movie podcast – Movies from Green Hell.

Greetings! Dylan here, host of the Diary of Doom podcast, and very thankful that Toilet ov Hell has given me the opportunity to give a new home to and continue on with the previously Patreon-exclusive sidecast, Movies from Green Hell. In Movies from Green Hell, I’ll be covering movies that feature some connection, no matter how tenuous, to heavy metal culture and probably some bad stoner flicks too. I hope you enjoy us riffing on some potentially heinous film viewing experiences and if you have a suggestion for a “heavy metal movie” for me to cover, fire off an email to

In the debut episode, Dylan tackles a true cult relic of the 90’s, Freaked! Along with him for round one of MFGH are fellow freaks Jeremy Hunt of noise band Qoheleth, Jon Michael of the Cinema Duel podcast, and Nathan Sizemore from the I Hope You Suffer podcast. As they toss back some Zygrote 24, they discuss this ooey-gooey masterpiece as well as Bob Vila, The Idiot Box, the Butthole Surfers connection, Rat Fink, and whatever Alex Winter is up to now.

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