Mur – Cut the Rivers Vein (Early Premiere & Interview)

Minnesota’s Mur has managed a remarkable fusion of classical and avante-garde. Masterminded by artist and multi-instrumentalist Cam Sather, Mur has released four full-lengths since 2012 that have increasingly shifted from fuzzed-out black metal to, on new release Cut the Rivers Vein, a post-everything esoteric opus that runs the gamut from Inter Arma-style dissonance to deconstructed folk music. The record’s length suits its weighty subject matter. Taking cues from William Blake, Sather seeks a reclamation of Romanticism from the grips of toxic nostalgia. The record is deeply tied to the Romantic Era’s naturalism, touching on themes of nature and its despoilment, but on … Continue reading Mur – Cut the Rivers Vein (Early Premiere & Interview)