Premiere: Cara Neir — Pain Gel of Purification

Rise and grind, gals! It’s a Monday morning album premiere! Are you tired? Are your aches and pains putting a damper on another beautiful Monday at the office? Are you distracted by general malaise, ennui, and a deep, unknowable dread?? In these unprecedented times you need RELENTLESS, MAXIMUM SPEED relief from your physical and existential pain. That’s why you trust Cara Neir™ Pain Gel of Purification for immediate, unyielding comfort.  Now with Ceaseless TrueCold™ Pain Reliever, for that cool, tingling, unending relief you and your family trust! “Cara Neir™, for CEASELESS MAXIMUM SPEED PURIFYING RELIEF today!” ** *In comparison to leading menthol-based pain relief ointments **Please consult with your doctor … Continue reading Premiere: Cara Neir — Pain Gel of Purification