Premiere: Embrace Veilburner’s “Glory Glory Grotesque”

End your week with a bang, courtesy of an earth-shattering new track from avant-garde darlingsĀ Veilburner! True to its name, “Glory Glory Grotesque” is a paradoxical bastion of misproportioned riffs and resplendent moments of grandeur! It is beauty and ugliness, heaviness and levity, and it will absolutely set your mind ablaze Longtime readers of this here truck stop gloryhole blog are no doubt intimately familiar with the deviant hearts behind Veilburner. Way back in 2014, in the early months when none of us had any idea what the hell we were doing, Wunderkind Christian Molenaar interviewed Mephisto Deleterio and Chrisom Infernium … Continue reading Premiere: Embrace Veilburner’s “Glory Glory Grotesque”