Review: Focal Dystonia – Descending (in)human Flesh

On Descending (in)human Flesh, Focal Dystonia delivers a beautifully disturbed tribute to all things slamming. (Photo Via) Despite the absolutely heinous reputation slamming brutal death metal has among those outside its admittedly grotesque barrier-of-entry, I’ve slowly learned to love the genre, warts and all. It’s rivaled only by goregrind in the fields of inaccessibility, disgust, and repetitiveness. I can definitely see why people have trouble getting into bands named shit like Vomit Remnants, Analepsy, and Pustulated. That said, there’s something to be admired in how repugnant and dangerous a good slam album can be. Diving headfirst into one of extreme … Continue reading Review: Focal Dystonia – Descending (in)human Flesh