Toilet Radio 270 – MAUSOLEUM (1983) w/ Zena Dixon

We’re watching a surprisingly stylish 80’s flick stuck firmly in the 70s. This week, it’s mob-money-laundered 1983 possession horror gem Mausoleum! We’re joined by Real Queen of Horror, Zena Dixon, host of the Bloody Disgusting Podcast to talk the swarthy perverts, stylish yuppies, and head-exploding practical effects of Mausoleum. In addition to the gooey details, we discuss Marjoe Gortner, a formerly-4-year-old Pentecostal preacher who left his churchy ways to star in weird shit like Mausoleum. Also: LaWanda Page, extremely blue comic and Sanford and Son actress who has a scene-stealing performance in this movie. It’s a good one, folks. Next … Continue reading Toilet Radio 270 – MAUSOLEUM (1983) w/ Zena Dixon