Toilet Radio 395 – Impetigore (feat. Ripped to Shreds)

Andrew Lee of Ripped to Shreds (and Andrew Lee’s Heavy Metal Shrapnel, Houkago Grind Time, Skullsmasher, etc. etc.) drops by for the first edition of this year’s October Spooktacular! We’re talking about body pillows, HM-2s, getting signed to Relapse and horror movies. Specifically, we’re talking about Joko Anwar’s 2019 folk horror gem Impetigore. If you haven’t seen it, you can log into Shudder and watch it right now (which you should because it’s good as hell). Then, come back and join us for this spoiler-filled discussion of Impetigore. Music featured on this week’s show: Ripped to Shreds – Violent Compulsion … Continue reading Toilet Radio 395 – Impetigore (feat. Ripped to Shreds)