Track Premiere: BASSOON – “Pentisept”

Disclaimer: no actual bassoons are present here. Sorry, band geeks. BASSOON is an avant-prog trio of instrumentalists from Brooklyn, creating sludgy and complex tunes with Stuart Popejoy on bass and keyboards, Sean Moran on guitar, and John Mettam on drums. On offer for you today we have a premiere from their upcoming album,¬†Succumbent.¬†“Pentisept” features growling bass and crunchy harmonies working over the top of a shifting rhythm in the drums, leading to some fun and interesting music making. Here’s a quote from Stuart Popejoy about the track: “Pentisept” starts the B-side of Succumbent with drummer John Mettam pounding a relentless, … Continue reading Track Premiere: BASSOON – “Pentisept”