Track Premiere: Saevus Finis – “Corporeal Malfeasent”

Descend into Hell. When Diddy said, “Can’t stop. Won’t stop,” he very much must’ve been talking about, in a clairvoyant or premonitional way, the indefatigable¬†Transcending Obscurity Records. On January 12, Transcending Obscurity will release¬†Facilis Descensus Averno, the debut album from Portuguese newcomers Saevus Finis, a trio of battle-tested extreme metal musicians coming together to create a “vindictive,” “asphyxiating,” “blinding,” and “overpowering” form of death metal that draws from twisted black metal as it does from the broader world of brutish dissonance. Over on the Saevus Finis’ bandcamp, you can treat yourself to three tracks of “dark, hypnotic” death metal that … Continue reading Track Premiere: Saevus Finis – “Corporeal Malfeasent”