Video Premiere: Horned Wolf – “Become Like They Are”

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Lawrence, Kansas’s Horned Wolf. I certainly hadn’t. By the end of this blurb, however, you, too, will be eagerly awaiting their debut LP, which drops later this year. Horned Wolf is hard to pin down. There’s some hardcore, some The Silver-esque trad metal, some skramz, some melodeath riffage. But this single is more than the sum of its parts, a heavy-duty fusion anchored by Sav MangelsDorf’s soaring vocals. Their clean vocals, in particular, glide above the melody, buoyed by ecstatic guitar and gentler melodic passages. I’m typically cleans-averse (we’ll put it this way—you won’t find … Continue reading Video Premiere: Horned Wolf – “Become Like They Are”