What’s the best way to contact Toilet ov Hell?

You can email us at toiletovhell@gmail.com. If you want to contact the podcast, you can email

How can I contact a specific writer?

Email us and we’ll forward it to them.

Where else can I find more Toilet Ov Hell content?

There’s also a private Facebook Group and a Discord. Join the Patreon for access.

How can I write for Toilet Ov Hell?

We are always looking for more contributors. If you’re interested in becoming a consistent writing or
just have an idea for one article, you can email us your pitch. Please include a writing sample and any
previous writing experience. We encourage all potential writers to be familiar with the website before
submitting. If we’re interested, we will be in touch.

How can I get my album reviewed?

If your album is complete and ready for review, please email it to toiletovhell@gmail.com.

Some helpful tips before sending:

  • Include a link to stream the album. We are more willing to listen to your music if it is easily
    available. Soundcloud, Youtube, and Bandcamp are all viable options. We will never download
    something without hearing it first.
  • Include a download link. Some writers may want to listen to your album later or may need
    multiple listens before writing.
  • Have a press kit with useful information including a brief bio of your band. Who, what, where,
  • Tell us what genre(s) you fall under. This makes for easier distribution among our writers
  • Don’t just send us a link to music with no further information.
  • Definitely don’t just send us a link to our social media pages. We will never listen to them.

Why haven’t you reviewed my album yet?

We receive hundreds of album review inquiries a month. Literally. Hundreds. Between the number of
submissions, we receive and our small number of writers, we can’t review everything.

You haven’t replied to my review submission. Should I send a follow-up email?

No. We received your email the first time. Sending a follow-up email won’t make us review you any

We have a new song/video. Can you premiere it?

Maybe! Follow the directions for album review submissions, but also be aware of time and availability. If
you’re asking us to premiere something on short notice, we may not be able to do it. If you’ve already
made your song or video public, such as on Youtube or Bandcamp, we won’t premiere it because you’ve
already premiered it. We encourage you to work with a PR group as we have working relationships with
many of them and they are able to easily get us all the information needed to produce a premiere.

Can you play our song on the Toilet Ov Hell podcast?

Only if it rips. Send your music to toiletovhellradio@gmail.com. Include a link to stream the song so we can
listen to it first.