Toilet Radio 380 – The STRANGEST THING is that anyone listens to this show


This week on Toilet Radio: 
We’re talking about hit Netflix original series Stranger Things, or rather specifically, Metallica on hit Netflix original series Stranger Things. Even more specifically, we’re calling bullshit on manufactured PR coverage that old metalheads are somehow gatekeeping Metallica being featured on hit Netflix original series Stranger Things. It didn’t happen! NEXT UP: We take a look at the latest price catalog from Polish metal clearinghouse VIA NOCTURNA. Disturbed is in the news this week for some dumb bullshit so we use the opportunity to talk about BIG JOHNSON t-shirts and what we’re watching on Tubi. Autofocus is on there! Pretty good, check it out. Finally, RIP to the former prime minister of Japan, Tony Sirico.

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