YOU Pick the Best Album of 2K16


I know you people have opinions about the best album of the year. I know this because you’ve been telling us those opinions since at least June. Now’s your chance to prove your prescient wisdom. ToH is joining the feeding frenzy of the Metal Blog-o-Sphere year-end list season by opening with your choices. We’re a community, and the most important vote cast is yours. Just follow the steps below and let us know which album you think should be the crown jewel in metal’s 2016.

What record will be named the Toilet ov Hell Official Album ov the Year? The choice is yours.

The Rules!

  1. Don’t be a dingus.
  2. List your favorite album(s) in the comments.
  3. Make sure all comments are shown.
  4. Mash that mudderfalcon ctr+f to make sure you don’t double-post an album and split the vote.
  5. Upvote picks you want to see rise to the top.
  6. Don’t be a dingus.
  7. Voting ends Saturday.
  8. GL HF!
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