Jeff Walker of Carcass is a Terrible Psychic


“Who wants to see a bunch of 34 year olds up there?”

I was recently (months ago) made aware of the fact that America’s last bastion of printed metal hope, Decibel, had discovered a few copies of their premier issue and were selling them. Decibel’s first issue went to print at the tail end of 2004, a year that saw momentous releases from the likes of Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Pig Destroyer, and Lamb of God amongst others. Given my appreciation of Decibel and genuine curiosity of the scene a decade ago, I decided to plop down $6 or so for the issue. I was not disappointed.

There are certainly a few lulzy inclusions (Eighteen Visions, Kittie, and Zao all have features) but there are just as many features on bands that aren’t awful (all of the bands with momentous releases PLUS Helmet). The one feature that leapt out at me though was an interview with Carcass’ Jeff Walker conducted by none other than Exhumed’s Matt Harvey. The interview covers some fairly standard stuff such as the legacy of Carcass, lyrical inspirations, and his former bandmates’ new bands. One quote that really sticks out though, is in regards to an eventual Carcass reunion:


Walker was unfortunately correct about founding drummer Ken Owen, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in 1999 rendering him unable to play drums in the manner necessary for Carcass (though he has made brief appearances at Carcass shows to play a mini drum solo). As for the rest of Walker’s statement? Well, that actually only resulted in the band releasing possibly their best album to date and a string of live shows by a couple of 40 somethings, both of whom were VERY into it. Honestly, I’m just glad they left us with more than modern day Arch Enemy. Thanks, Carcass!

Photo in post courtesy of Decibel Magazine, Issue #1, October 2004

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