Premiere: Harness Atrocity With Human Cull


Tuesday grind-day!

Rather than kick this off with some contrived gallows humour about the fact it’s only fucking Tuesday, I think it’d be better just to try and forget that for most of us the doldrums of yet another depressing work week have only just begun. You know what helps me to forget everything? Abrasive grind. You know what else helps? Abrasive grind. Thank fuck we’ve got an exclusive premiere of some killer new synapse-shredding chaos from England to get the job done.

Human Cull play a style of grind that incorporates some of the wild and kind of mathy-spasmosis you may have heard before here with Onryō or Seminary into the more traditional punk-derived tenets of the genre. Think The Kill‘s sandblaster approach coupled with a pinch of the psychosis-plagued paroxysms Oblivionized exhibited in their later years, and you’ll have a good gist of what Human Cull offer. Even though I tend gravitate towards the style of (and consequently mention) the latter almost every time I cover grind here, it is perhaps more pertinent this time, as when looking through their back catalogue I noticed Human Cull had previously released a split with Oblivionized prior to their demise. Something to check out after today’s exclusive premiere track, ‘Harnessing Atrocity’. Anyway, you can get back to me in a minute about that.

See, I did mean an actual minute. Not one of those metaphorical minutes that you habitually use as an excuse to delay doing some menial task by several hours. In case that lone minute wasn’t enough to make you shit the bed, here are the other two pre-release tracks for you to blast out your arse with.

Pre-order Human Cull’s Revenant on vinyl or digital from Wooaaargh Records or their Bandcamp page for the June 1st release date.

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