Slipknot – All Out Life: A Video Breakdown


What’s this life fooooorrrrrrrrrr?

Slipknot is back, baby! Can you feel the heat? Can you feel the excitement? Yeah, same, but what do I know? The video already has almost 8 million views, so people definitely still want The ‘Knot. The band has just released their newest song and video “All Out Life”. Sure, naming it “All Out Of Life” might have made more sense, but that’s not how Slipknot rolls. Jesse Ventura didn’t have time to bleed in Predator and Slipknot doesn’t have time for preposition. You can’t hit a keg with a baseball bat to prepositions, can you? Let’s break it down and see for ourselves.



Kool-Aid Man
Directed by Christopher Nolan


Well, one of us is going to have to change.


I imagine this is what the shuttle buses at The Gathering Of The Juggalos looks like…if they had shuttle buses.


“The McRib is back!”


This scene inspired by every awkward middle school dance.


So this is what it’s like to be a piece of toilet paper circling the drain.


Gone With The Wind: (sic) Edition


Raise your hand if you used to be in Motograter.


What I like most about Slipknot is their subtlety.


That bus was full of hundreds of unsold To My Surprise cds.


Slipknot’s single “All Out Life” is available now. No word yet on their next album. Your guess is as good as mine.

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