TMP: Hate Eternal, Arsis, Psycroptic, and More!


There’s not a lot of news, but there is a lot of GOOD news. Jam some new tracks this morning.

The new Hate Eternal track starts strong.

New The Ocean featuring Katatonia’s vocalist rules.


We got new Arsis for your arses.

  • New Outer Heaven.
  • New track from the hit-or-miss Thomas Giles solo project.
  • New Iron Reagan.
  • Ursa premiered some doom last week.
  • Pelican are back in the studio.
  • Ridiculous Gwar video, I’m sure.
  • New Witherfall, album out in November.
  • Burning Witches is a band with new music. I’m not sure if they are witches that are burning, or people who burn witches.
  • Legion of the Damned released a new track from an album that doesn’t come out until next year.
  • New crusty blasty stuff from Funeral Chic.
  • Four Stroke Baron is “An energetic blend of new-wave and heavy progressive rock” if you wanna take some chances today.
  • Southern stoner stuff from Greenleaf.
  • For I Am King released a track and video.
  • Ulver is playing two shows in New York.
  • Raven, Extinction A.D., Mobile Deathcamp US tour.
  • Filter is launching a pledge music campaign and it’s already over half way done…
  • Threat Signal guitarist launches GoFundMe after apartment fire.
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