Toilet Radio 229: Metal Musician Net Worth Finder Dot Biz


Joe and Breno cruelly ousted 365 for a very special duo episode! We’re talking: tooth extractions! Swole boi gym playlists! My Chemical Romance is back and Emo Dads are in full effect! But then we get to the meat of this ‘sode. We’re looking at a list that supposedly ranks the net worth of the top 200 wealthiest metal musicians. This dubiously sourced ranking allows us the opportunity to discuss the greed and pettiness of the now-dead era of musicians actually making real money. Also we get to make some mean-natured jokes about all your favorite 80s metal legends. We uhhhhhh kinda do that for most of the episode. But after we get our fill of cracking jokes we use the whole experience to discuss how artists, even filthy loaded ones, are an outlier. Instead, let’s look at who REALLY makes the money in music. HINT: It ain’t anyone that does anything you care about. Sit down for a spell and give us a lil listen.

Music featured on this show:
Kobol – “Planet Cleanser” from VOID

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