Riff-Raff Podcast Ep.13: That Egg Cell Ant Shit


We talk new shit from Spirit Adrift, Ketzer, Abraded, Blood Spore, and Malignant Altar, Maiden/Metallica rip-offs, Baroness getting fruity, Insect Warfare playing Morbid Angel, egging racists, the 4k Matrix, science-illiterate black metal dorks, Danny DeVito egg eating class, turning 30, and we also start a bitter feud over Kevin Bacon & Matthew McConnechaheyehcyhey.

After our last Back In Blvck episode, we’re getting back to basics. Scoll down to see what fun and frivolity that entails. And how I lost half a fucken episode because computers constantly conspire against me. Ugh.

Music Featured This Week:

Blood Spore ‘Hostile Fruiting Bodies’ from Fungal Warfare Upon All Life (out April 5th)
Spirit Adrift ‘Hear Her’ from Divided By Darkness (out May 10th thru 20 Buck Spin)
Ketzer ‘No Stories Left’ from Cloud Collider (out April 12th thru Metal Blade)
Abraded ‘Entranced In Hallucinosis’ from Descendants Of The Swamp (out now thru Maggot Stomp)
Malignant Altar – ‘Retribution Of Jealous Gods’ (out now)

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