Toilet Radio 453 – Let’s Go, Branding


This week on Toilet Radio: Long-running German power metal band Primal Fear have a new song called “Cancel Culture” and it’s more baffling than you can even imagine. Danzig booked a show outside in the Texas Summer and then cancelled it because it’s hot outside in the Texas Summer. “And Nothing Else Matters”, the proto-Creed anthem, has hit one billion streams on Spotify. Let’s take a look at what is actually popular on Spotify. Finally, Maggot Stomp decided to make an anti-straight edge tee shirt in collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon. What did Maggot Stomp get paid by this massive corporation? Apparently nothing! Folks, it’s a show.

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Artists featured on this ‘sode:
Primal Horde – Dungeon Stomp

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