Flush It Friday: Supper’s Ready


Papa Joe is letting me do Flush It Friday for the second time in two weeks! And with this great power comes great responsibility… but seriously flush that I’m going to tweak the formula just a little bit this time around.

First up, a quick update since my last post: after spending 13 days in the hospital, the GI specialists inserted a feeding tube into my nose that goes directly to the small intestines (essentially freeing up the pancreas to heal itself) and sent me home! Along with that I have an IV pole with a feeding pump whose job it is to feed liquid nutrition into my body 24/7. So while my pancreas is on the road to recovery, they say it has suffered some necrosis and won’t be as strong in the future.



The sense of community here in the Toilet is positively overwhelming. Since being discharged from the hospital, I have more time than I know what to do with, so I logged onto the Facebook Group to catch up on all the antics I missed in the past several weeks. What I saw almost brought a tear to my eye (except that it didn’t because I’m super manly and the only thing that makes me cry is the beginning of Pacific Rim when Raleigh loses his brother). I saw the various pictures of people meeting up in real life, the multitude of selfies taken with TovH shirts (here’s my late entry), and just general camaraderie that one doesn’t find on other websites. It’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come as a community, stemming as far back as a simple post by GL on another website, in which he asked us “now that we’ve discussed our favorite fruits, what does everyone do for a living?” Here we are offering advice to one another, helping others solve real life issues, and sending good vibes back and forth; it’s like we’ve known each other for years.

Also good: Wet Hot American Summer. Crazy that I didn’t catch it until now, but totes worth it. I LOL’ed out loud several times, and you will too.



I haven’t had solid food since August 22nd, and it’s driving me nutty. The GI specialists have scheduled my next MRI for September 30th; which means I may be in this house, tethered to this IV pole, unable to work for 20 more days. I’ve been watching TV and movies, playing video games, and listening to music; while that sounds good on paper I, need to get out, need to return to normalcy. So expect to see my dumbass on Facebook and in the comments sections moreso than usual for a little while. Worth noting: the articles have been top shelf, keep it up bros.

Also bad: Oldboy (2003). There was so much hype surrounding this film and it didn’t live up to any of it. If I’m wrong about this, please let me know; but I thought it stunk.



Food. Given all this spare time, I’ve basically been planning out all the food in which I’m going to indulge once fully healed. Less than a week before the pancreatitis hit I had an amazing sushi boat with a friend and that’s the kind of thing I’m just going to empty my wallet on. Asian food, frozen pizza, BDubz and maybe even the occasional healthy meal sprinkled here and there! I’ll be stuffing my fucking face with food in place of the booze that I used to consume… and it’ll be glorious.

Also beautiful: Hannibal on NBC. Such a beautifully shot television show, copious amounts of gore included. It only lasted three seasons, but they were perfect. I recommend them all.


So that’s the rule for this week: submit your Good, Bad, and BeautifulSupper’s ready; it’s open swim.


(image via firstwefeast.com) (image via makinthebacon.com)

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