xDEATHSTARx – Generation: A Video Breakdown



xDEATHSTARx may not be a name to you, but I definitely remember them. I mean, I never listened to them, but it’s hard to forget about a straight edge Christian metalcore/hardcore band with (at least) five vocalists. When I say five vocalists I don’t mean that everyone in the band (guitars, bass, drums) also does vocals. I mean that there are multiple members of the band who just do vocals. If you think having something like 10 hXc dudes running around on stage would be some sort of shitshow, you’re pretty much correct.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It was just a different time”? It certainly rings true for the metalcore/hardcore revival of around 2002-2006. Having that many vocalists was still weird, but kind of fit. I never got to see them when I attended Hellfest (US) in 2004, but it probably would’ve been something to see. While some of the members have changed, the band is now back with a new video. Pull up your mosh shorts, X up your hands, tilt your head to the side, tattoo your favorite Poison The Well lyrics to your ribs and open this shit up. If you don’t like hardcore, blame fellow ToH writer Ron Deuce. This was his suggestion.


0:05: Oh snap, it’s about to go down.
0:08: Game of Bros
0:10: I wonder how Dead Prez feels about a white guy wearing one of their shirts.
0:16: Everyone knows Comics Sans is the most hardcore font.
0:23: They must have serious back problems after this video.
0:29: And hand/wrist problems.
0:35: Just a small gathering of guys that you would never want to make eye contact with at a show lest you want to hear all about their new side project that you should totally join.
0:39: Nice Yasser Arafat scarf.
0:43: The girl on the left has no idea what to do.
0:49: More bounces than a Flubber-filled bouncy house on the moon.
0:53: Shirtless dude in the center is either really feeling it or is having a seizure. Either way, he’s about to bite his tongue off.
0:59: Hey, Spider from Powerman 5000!
1:06: The human version of 🙁
1:10: Regret: A new exhibit on tattoos now at the Museum of Modern Art.
1:15: “Grrr I’m so mad I could…I could…nyaaaah!”
1:21: This video has more finger pointing than the Salem witch trials.
1:28: She still has no idea what to do.
1:34: “Thanks for letting us borrow your car for the video, Mom!”
1:41: “We promise to have it home by 6 so you can go to the PTA meeting!”
1:47: Uhh, let’s take a step back, shall we?
1:54: Why no tattoos on the face? It never looks stupid!
2:00: I know he is holding a Bible, but don’t they look better suited for the Nation of Islam?
2:02: Someone please make a gif of all these dudes spastically bouncing around.
2:20: I guess that’s the best we’re going to get from her.
2:23: This is what it’s like when worlds collide.
2:35: Supernova goes pop.
2:39: Drop the bombshell.
2:41: Cool, he’s using an invisible Shake Weight.
2:47: So no Padres fans were available?
2:50: Nobody’s real.
2:55: Wow they got the E-Money to direct this? What a huge get!

Did you spread this shit out? Did you give one for the underground? Did you stay true? Did you keep it posi? Did you spinkick someone? Did you punch someone in the back of the head and run away? No? Well, there’s always tomorrow.

The song “Generation” is available now through iTunes and Amazon via Facedown Records.

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