Tech Death Thursday: Necrosy


Something something fuck your face!

I’m back from the festering hell of bullshit that is job hunting.  I once again have my sanity back and can bring y’all some more facemelting jams. Thanks to Christian Molenaar for holding down the fort last week. Before we get into things, here is your news:

  • Blade of Horus, formerly known as Eviscerator released a new single called “Return of the Dark Gods” which you can check out here.
  • No Clean Singing premiered a mindblowing new track from Scalafrea whose new EP Opposites in Polarity will drop on April 15th. This is fucking incredible, listen to it.
  • NCS have also premiered the new self-titled EP from Animality, as well as hosting a free download for it. Listen to/grab it here.
  • Brain Drill posted on their Facebook that the writing process for the new album is complete… yup.
  • Vale of Pnath continue to tease and are slowly driving me insane with irritation/anticipation. They released a little preview of new material on their Facebook.
  • Arkaik announced that they will be hitting the studio to begin recording next month. It looks like the second half of this year is going to be fucking packed with excellent releases.
  • You can stream Akaloid’s debut album the Malkuth Grimoire over at this link. You should do this. I have had the CD of this for a while now because I supported the crowdfunding and it is just so fucking good. No doubt it will be somewhere in my end of the year list.
  • I have this feeling like I forgot to mention something that wont go away so let me know what I forgot and call me a poser.


Today we’re talking about Necrosy. I’ve been keeping my eye on them ever since I heard their Promo EP. I decided I was going to feature them today when they dropped this fucking monster of a track:

This entire track fucking slays and I absolutely love that intro. The drumming in this band is beyond incredible. I don’t think there is a word that can accurately encompass how good it actually is. What do they have in the water over there in Italy that produces these immaculate drummers? Excellent bass work does a damn fine job of complementing the furious skin-slamming. These guys do a fantasic job of reminding me how bad of a drummer I am. Then again, my drumming only really consists of tapping the steering wheel in the car, and is nowhere near as rad as our resident grindprophet Tyree. I digress. The vocals are just as monstrous as the drumming, and sound somewhat similar to Hour of Penance or Fleshgod Apocalypse. The production is nothing short of perfect if you ask me, and I honestly haven’t had a song on repeat this much since I first heard Archspire‘s “Rapid Elemental Dissolve”. This particular single is head and shoulders above the track that hooked me on the band in the first place, “No Solution“. It’s crazy that they actually managed to get better, seeing as their previous EP was pretty damn impressive in and of itself. Assuming you dig these guys (and why wouldn’t you?), you can grab their previous EP over at Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook. You can pre order Perdition here.

That’s it for this week, and until next time… Stay Tech

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