Bump N’ Grind Spotlight: Give Praise Records


Looking for a good entry point to the wide and wild world of grindcore? Look no further than this free sampler from Give Praise Records.

The Path to Grind, the most recent sampler from the excellent label is a hallmark in all things grind. Whether you’re looking for powerviolence, Nasum-worship, deathgrind, old school grind, d-beat, crust, more technical and Gridlink-esque grind, cybergrind, goregrind, or just something to get your head banging, you’re certain to find at least one band on this sampler that will tickle your fancy. Press play below and treat yourself to some razor-edged ear candy from Abortion, BRUCEXCAMPBELL, Choked by Own Vomits, Department of Correction, Endless Demise, Fubar, Gorgonized Dorks, Intestinal Rot, Mesrine, Moloch, Osk, Proletar, Ritual Misery, Sick of Stupidity, Soil of Ignorance, Strong Intention, Suffering Mind, To Dust, Violent Opposition, and Wake. The best part is that it’s all free! Really, you’d be a fool not to click this link and download this “name your price” sampler.

Be sure to explore the rest of the label’s releases if there’s a particular band you like! I’m really feeling the violent jigsaw assault of Choked by Own Vomits, the pitch-shifted meat hook swagger of Intestinal Rot, and the atmospheric, hellish horror of Moloch.

In addition to this sampler, the label also routinely drops new splits. The most recent was a no-holds-barred bruiser from Department of Correction and Agathocles released just last week. This thing will beat you about the head and neck until only a stump of your spine remains.

Lastly, Dirk Verbeuren and Shane Embury fans should take note because Give Praise is the label home of Bent Sea, and a certain Venezuelan half-elf told me that Verbeuren recently posted about an upcoming release. Keep your eyes peeled to this spot!

Which bands are you jamming? Sound off in the comments below!

(h/t Link Leonhart)

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