Flush It Friday: Bracing for List Season


It is now Friday afternoon. Prepare some snacks.

My dudes, it is not yet even Halloween and already I’m seeing multiple Album of the Year lists. What in the hell is that about? Tons of print publications have demanded that their writers hand in their best of lists already. Fuck you, albums that drop any time in the last quarter of the year; no one’s gonna put you on their very special list now.

You all know me. You all know that ol’ Joe Thrashnkill isn’t too crazy about top-10 lists as it is. To be frank, they seem like an exercise in pointless masturbation at best and gatekeeping taste elevation at worst. Did you REALLY enjoy that obscure Icelandic dissonant death metal album more than the new Mastodon? Be honest. No seriously, be honest. Because literally no one cares about what you put on your Album of the Year list except for you. We’re all so busy imagining a gallery of true metal fans silently judging our finely curated selections that no one stops to look around and see that they’re all too preoccupied with their own list to care about yours.

Nuts to all that.

Joe Thrashnkill’s Top 10 Nuts of 2017.
10. Almond
9. Brazil Nut
8. Peanut
7. Cashew
6. Pistachio
5. Pine Nut
4. Pecan
3. Macadamia
2. Hazelnut
1. Deez

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