Toilet Radio NEVER Pays to Play


Are you in a young band and just dying to make it big? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead in the tough game of show business? Do you mind annoying your friends and family? Do you wanna personally benefit some scumbag? Boy howdy, is this the episode for you. Joe, 365, and Brenocide get down and dirty in the cutthroat world of pay to play music. There’s nothing nice about this one. If you wanna hear the truth about pay to play scams and the hucksters that perpetuate them, you need to listen to this episode. We’re doing a deep dive into the economics of ticket pre-sales. Learn about how we each fell for pyramid schemes. Listen as we gleefully read the hateful messages we received from a shady promoter. Laugh as we go off on a tangent about Dan Snyder, Six Flags, and Art Monk. Get annoyed with Joe as he clearly cannot do basic math without a calculator. Folks, this episode isn’t just good, it’s essential.

Music featured on this program:
81% Burnt (Dillinger Escape Plan Cover) [youtube]

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