Flush it Friday: Misappropriating the Formulary for Affordable Comestibles


Felicitations, malefactors!

As spring springs, ever so gradually, Beavis’s attention stands tumescent for the coming of the plants. For the first time this year, he intends to erect from the soil his very own army of detestable vegetables. Upon the initiation of this endeavor, as with any new one, he finds himself wading through a technical, brutal, dissonant sea of information. The answers to some questions are readily apparent. Has he purchased too many seeds? Certainly. Is he messing up by starting this late and not starting seeds in those little individual seed starter cube thingies? Maybe? Does he really need dolomite for the tomatoes? Where is that bending robot when you need him? Could he have bought more vegetables from the store than he will grow with the same amount of money? Most likely. Is writing in this register and in the third person getting tiring? lmao yeah.

Anyway, even if Daria Magdalene and I don’t get much of a yield, I think it’ll be a fun learning experience. Just getting the planters and soil potting mix set up was surprisingly difficult and time-consuming, but in a fun, satisfying way. It’s already been a nice project for us. We’ll probably get a little food out of it, and it’s a baby step towards prepping for the apocalypse. Most exciting among our prospective crops are habaneros, serranos, basil, and a kiwi plant(?!).

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Are you looking forward to those spring allergies? Have you grown anything? Feel free to get in my plants and tell me how to git gud, along with your Gs, Bs, and Us!

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