The Kings Is Dead, All Hail The King (Of Concrete Winds)


VORUM is dead! CONCRETE WINDS is deadly!

To start the week on the right foot, it was announced that Åland’s only death metal band, Vorum, had ceased to exist. It was effective last year when they entered a stage of hibernation that would prove permanent. Three years since the excellent Current Mouth, I had rather been waiting for a follow-up to be announced anytime soon, but instead I have been delivered this. Though to leave with something as good as Current Mouth is not a terrible choice by any means.

And of course, this won’t mark the end, as in the very least most of Vorum’s members will continue in other bands. While I’ve never enjoyed bassist Finne’s Obnoxious Youth, he also plays in Begravningsentreprenörerna with guitarists Jalava and Johansson. A dirty rock-and/or-roll-meets-proto-metal-and-NWOBHM type of unit that deserves every moment you can spare, and some that you don’t. Johansson also continues to collaborate with third guitarist H. Death in the petty decent death metal band Degial that released their third full-length, Predator Reign, in 2017.

Most of interest today is, however, Concrete Winds. Announced only minutes after Vorum’s death was made official this project that features some members of Vorum and is about to put out their debut Primitive Force through Sepulchral Voice Productions on July 12th. I would never have called Current Mouth a sophisticated record, yet based on the preview opening track, Primitive Force seems best described as an album that follows closely in the footsteps of Vorum’s swansong, as it’s unsophisticated shadow. Sepulchral voice stated thusly:

“After the outstanding Minialbum‚ Current Mouth‘, finnish VORUM ceased to exist. But the dead can not die for they are still hungry. Up from the ashes a new phoenix rose: CONCRETE WINDS is about to release one of the most bestial recordings ever erupting from the far north by the name ‚Primitive Force‘.
25 minutes of pure blasphemy, sadism & dystopia. In spite of the utmost shredding, thundering and screaming, this album still has musical ambitions. Where ‚Current Mouth‘ ended, ‚Primitive Force‘ starts and drives every audial aspect to the maximum. On the other hand this release keeps every layout aspect to a minimum.
CONCRETE WINDS reduce everything to a lo fi, cut & paste undergroundish presentation.
They set a statement and raise the middlefinger to a distraction shot from what is relevant.
The pure magick of a Death Metal sound and gospel.”

Go tell Concrete Winds something or other, and while you’re at it send a hearty “Hello” Sepulchral Voice Productions’ way too

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