Flush-It Friday: Power Draw


This week’s shitpost-fest is brought to you by the slow death of mother nature.

It’s old news at this point that the internet needs a lot of power to run. Like, an absolute fuckload of it, and cloud gaming in particular is a big offender. But I don’t think it really hit me just how bad it is until the end of this week, sitting here thinking about the surge of NFT garbage going around. People are burning insane amounts of energy for what essentially amounts to a fancy URL; the stupidity of this boggles the mind.

I guess I don’t really have much more to say about this. Smarter people than I have already written about it, and it’s not like I’m in a position to posit myself as morally superior; I work for a fucking ISP. My only skill is something that actively contributes to the death of the planet. Take my doomer crap as you will but… I don’t know, maybe spend an hour or so less on the internet every day. Not an easy prospect for many in the midst of the pandemic, but I hear there are these things called “books” that are apparently pretty sweet.

Or something. Flush it, it’s Friday. Here’s some good shit from the week:

BSG gave us a review of Escaping Aghartha’s new bat-centric opus:

REVIEW: Escaping Aghartha – White-Nose Syndrome

A Spooky Mansion guided our Acid Mammoth-led caravan:

Review: Acid Mammoth – Caravan

We all had a good laugh at Tommy Vext’s expense:

Toilet Radio 298 – Being Silenced, Need Money

Iron Goddess presented us with the newest from Incarceration in all its underworldly glory:

Premiere: Traverse the Underworld at the Speed of Hermes with Incarceration’s Empiricism

That’s it from me. Shitpost away.

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