Premiere: Stream Empirine’s “Eld” In Full


Melomaniacs rejoice! Empirine is back with Eld, their second EP of the year, and we have the distinct pleasure of bringing it to you today in its entirety.

Empirine’s current trajectory puts them on a path towards increasingly lighter, more atmospheric material, and Eld is no exception. Continuing in the same direction as its predecessor, Revenant, their newest album sheds all traces of the darker, more aggressive riffing of their older music. Eld instead shrouds itself in somber, ethereal melodies and melancholy chords. It doesn’t sound thin, though; you’ll still get some chunky palm muting, and the multiple layers of instruments are massive. The vocoded sung parts fit better than ever both in tone and in the mix, adding to the dreamlike quality of the music. Much of the riffing is built on subtle chord manipulation; it gives your ear a solid point to anchor itself while the music stirs and swirls around you. It is, in a word, beautiful.

I know the word “cathartic” gets thrown around a lot these days with regards to metal albums, but this is one case where I believe it’s well and truly applicable. Eld builds you up on a powerful surge of emotion right from the start, sinking its hooks in and not letting go. It comes to an almost overwhelming swell in its third song that carries over into the closing track, finally releasing it all at its conclusion. The quiet, meditative moment just before the end casts the reprise of its preceding riff in a new light, turning all of the tension into relief.

Eld is brief yet moving; it’s a testament to the duo’s skill as musicians that they’re able to make this kind of statement in under 20 minutes. I could say more, but it’s better if you just hear it. Hit play, sit back, and let the music envelop you.

Eld is out on October 1st. Be sure to follow Empirine on Facebook, and pick up their music on Bandcamp.

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