Toilet Radio 298 – Being Silenced, Need Money


This week we’re talking about the shifts in culture and the musical economy that have brought us to these dire straits. First up: Nuking your successful band to make money off aggrieved uncles. Tommy Vext got kicked out of Bad Wolves and now he’s making more dough than ever. Next up: Onstage nü metal breakdowns from one of Jordo’s favorites and Christian metal meltdown over the dreaded pussy word. Next: Joe pulls a Chris Jericho by getting mad at the Grammys despite never, ever giving a shit about nor watching the Grammys. GWAR is selling fake drugs instead of huge crack rocks, SAD! We’re looking at statements from Spotify CEO Daniel Ek promoting new revenue projections for artists and comparing it with the FUCKING BRUTAL reality of artist payouts using math. Finally, we’re reconsidering flat Earth with Stephen Carpenter using science. Don’t forget: NEXT WEDNESDAY IS EPISODE 300 SO GET YOUR CALLS IN NOW.

Music featured on this episode:
Profond Barathre

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