Get Stuck On Pelagos’ Revolving Door Of Visuals


Rest your ears and feast your eyes, on the kaleidoscopic optics of this brand spanking new visual album accompaniment to Pelagos’ debut

If you’re intimately familiar with the history and discography of the cult-band Circle, your path may have crossed the names of Teemu Elo, Petri Hagner and Janne Peltomäki. Each of the three men have been members of the band, and indeed Peltomäki continues to collaborate with Circle’s Jussi Lehtisalo as Dekathlon, whose debut 7″ we recently featured, and who have since released another, but today they are known collectively as Pelagos.

A year ago, Pelagos released their debut full-length, Revolve. With repetitive, minimalist rhythms and an inconsolable tone broken by a dash of theater-exoticism, it dealt with dreamlike imagery of the past and the future, in both form and content. To complete the concept, they’ve now unveiled a version of the album with visual accompaniment with video production by Kuun Viides Tunti, a non-profit organization, “dedicated to creating and promoting communal art in Finland and abroad”.

For reasons mostly obvious even to the oblivious, the Adam Burke painting functioning as the cover art, does not make an appearance on the video. And I’m going to be frank with you, that’s a huge-ass bummer, friendo. But as all things do, the disappointment over the lack of owlmen, fowlmen and moon-pi(k)es  subsides.

What is left, is nature – living nature, dead nature, the ecstasy of nature. Although the nature of ecstasy may elude you in kaleidoscopic dreams of abandoned cities on LSD. “t times the overflowing visual stimuli feel as if a grain of sand had flown inside a computer, causing a short circuit in digital processing. The visual edition of Revolve is meant to be administered according to one’s own needs. It can be wolfed down as a whole or enjoyed in smaller sips. The most daring of us have enjoyed the optical work without sound, while others have gone for audio only. None of the various ways of experiencing Revolve have been noted to cause extra symptoms, so any of the means of digesting it are equally safe.” Although I’m not sure why would you safely want to emulate dropping acid, that’s like having sex with a condom.

In the end, the choice is your’s, hip or square. Perhaps you can’t even tell, in which case allow me to direct you into the arms of Revolve, and we can find out together.

Not all paid advertisement comes in the form of Metalhead dating, some of it is rather subtle, like me beating you on the head with a bunch of raving good reviews of Svart’s latest video from a re-release of an album. Thank you Tomi P. for this massive sack of cash releasing good music.



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