Toilet Radio 419 – Fantasy Labelball: Napalm Records Pt 1 (UNLOCKED)


Bad news: I got the flu so bad that I lost my voice which means no new episode of Toilet Radio this week. Good news: You get to enjoy this FREE episode of PREMIUM Toilet Radio from our Patreon because I cannot currently speak into a microphone! This bonus episode, part one of a two-part series, has us playing FANTASY LABELBALL, the game of hostile label takeover, with Napalm Records. You would not believe how many fucking bands are currently signed to this long-running Austrian label. In about 80 minutes we got through less than half. Obviously, Napalm needs our help to trim the fat and make it the best goddamn label it can be. We pull no punches, spare no feelings, lay off the underperformers and promote the up and comers. “You there, in the elf costume! YOU’RE FIRED.” Join in on the Labelball fun below and subscribe to the Patreon if you’d like to hear part two (out now!). Join us next week for a brand new episode when my vocal chords aren’t completely shitted out.

Music Featured on this ‘Sode:
Audrey HorneOut of the City

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