Toilet Radio 487 – Millennial Rocker Blues


This week on Toilet Radio: Tommy Vext is teaming up with the guy that got fired from Thy Art is Murder on a ChatGPT-penned track that absolutely honks. We explore. Joe found a Billboard top modern rock tracks chart from 2002 that sent him into a downward spiral. We spend a good portion of the show talking about music in the Before Internet times, the tyranny of radio, and uncomfortable childhood memories. Finally, we read a very good email we got from a Zoomer metalhead who enlightens us on the new frontiers of metal discovery. We discuss this, and the future, of heavy metal in a post-tiktok world. This one is a little different but I think it’s a good one?

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Music featured on this ‘sode: 
SelbstChant of Self Confrontation

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