Hamferð’sOdn celebrates a decade-long tragedy


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Hamferð celebrated their tenth anniversary as a band last year. They also released the final part of their reverse-chronological trilogy – Támsins Likam. To top off both occasions, they’re releasing a special EP Ódn. The titular track, featured on the A-side is, in fact, the very first of it’s kind – first song to be written and performed by Hamferð, yet never released or recorded in any form before now – recorded live, at Sjónleikarhúsið, in Tórshavn, a year ago – almost to the date (March 17th). Remarkable for being the only song of theirs to feature English-sung lyrics. In comparison the masterful Támsins Likam, Ódn majorly favours the harsher tones and there’s greater inter-song variety, splitting it into three distinct movements. I also find it amusing that there’s several comments ‘neath the video, complaining about their use of suits, because all metal bands should look and sound the same to really drive through the message of independence and non-conformity. Not to mention that people are complaining suits aren’t “viking enough” for a band that’s literally never flirted with anything that had something to do with the vikings.


The B-side features a 2015 live rendition of “Deyðir varðar” performed during the total eclipse above the village of Kvívík in The Faroe Islands, which, despite having been available on YouTube previously has never been released on physical media before. What makes the performance special on a format you can’t witness the eclipse on, is that it’s a three-man performance lacking the hefty doom of the original version, placing practically all focus on Jón Aldará’s vocals.

Ódn comes out April 12th, on Metal Blade Records – head to their page to see where you can get yours, or visit them and Hamferð on Facebook.

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