Handshake, Inc. Is Calling It Quits


Today in “things that totally suck,” Dave Hall is closing the doors of venerable underground metal label Handshake, Inc.

We love Handshake, Inc. Dave Hall has put in countless hours to bring awesome music to the masses, including Toilet favorites PyrrhonDephosphorus, and Biipiigwan. Sadly, due to personal reasons, Dave is shutting down his own record label for good. The news was announced just a short while ago, and it’s worth reading Dave’s heartfelt farewell in its entirety.

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that effective immediately, Handshake Inc., will be ceasing all active operations. Handshake titles – music, dvds, books – (digital, and those physical titles still in print) will continue to be distributed via mail order and physical and digital distribution methods, but as of today, Handshake Inc., will not function as an active entity that releases new music, books or films.

I feel that I must be honest in providing the reason why I am shutting down the label, but am not comfortable in divulging details that are too personal, so I will say this: due to the gradual but unforeseen onset of a very serious health issue, I can no longer, in good conscience, deal with or run the day-to-day operations of the label. I could, irresponsibly, try and forge ahead, throw caution to the wind, and ‘see what happens’ but out of respect to my family and the bands and artists I work with, I will not take this approach.

The final releases of the label – Blacklisters’ “Adult” and Twin Lords’ “Devastating Planetary Shift” – are being released as planned: these are both amazing albums and I’m honored and proud to be closing Handshake with these two sluggers.

I can’t stress enough how lucky I have been to work with bands, musicians, studio professionals and industry folk who have entrusted me with their art, and treated me as a peer: I hope to remain friends with the amazing people I have met through running Handshake, and to continue many of the professional relationships I have established through my video and film work.

I would also like to offer a massive thank-you to the many writers and editors of websites and magazines, who have been kind enough to review, feature or write about Handshake releases.

Finally, an immeasurable debt of gratitude goes out to anyone who has taken the time to listen, watch, read, enjoy, ignore and/or buy a Handshake release – without the direct support from fans, things would have died a long time ago.

I will continue to make films, videos and visuals for bands, and remain active in the production of these projects/releases and a few special projects that will carry over from Handshake, but this will be under the banner of a new and sharper-focused entity.

I may still be reached at info@handshakeinc.com

See you in the pit.

Dave Hall


Handshake, Inc. has long been a home for the more challenging and adventurous bands in the metal spectrum, so it’s quite sad to see Dave closing the doors. However, health and family always come first, so we wish Dave all the best. Thanks for working hard to release killer content. Thanks for all your stunning videos. Thanks for signing killer bands given the snub by other labels.

From all of us at Toilet of Hell, thanks, Dave Hall, for all you’ve done. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Let’s jam some Handshake, Inc. bands in solidarity.

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