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Do you guys remember the saga of Ethan Couch? For those of you that don’t follow news that provokes populist rage, I’ll fill you in.

Ethan Couch is a piece of shit and his entire being has had a net-negative effect on the universe. At age 16, ya boy Ethan Couch shoplifted a couple of cases of beer from Wal-Mart, got balls-ass drunk, and then crashed his father’s enormous Ford F-350 pickup truck into a bunch of people. He ended up killing four innocent folks and paralyzing one of his friends.

Just look at this booger-eating fuck

Just look at this booger-eating fuck

Despite having priors, Couch got a slap on the wrist for getting rip shit wasted and killing four people. Homeboy faced a maximum of 20 years incarceration, but because his horrible family is very wealthy and very white, he got court-ordered rehab and 10-years probation. His defense attorneys hired a lawyer that testified that Couch had some fake bullshit called “Affluenza” and “was unable to link his actions with consequences because of his parents teaching him that wealth buys privilege.” Wealth buying privilege? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Thankfully, Couch got caught on video violating his probation. His horrible mother snuck him out to Mexico to try to further protect him from consequences. He was eventually extradited and sentenced to two years that he probably won’t serve in full. Hooray America.

Anyway, Thought Vomit wrote a ripping punk tune about this prick and his garbage ass family. It’ll be on Punk’s Brutal Retaliation/Sync The Skies, the California band’s fourth full-length record.

Punk’s Brutal Retaliation/Sync The Skies is out October 28th. Get the details on the record at Thought Vomit’s Facebook page.

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