How Hate Are You? Let Atomic Regurgitation from the Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate Decide.


On August First, Larval Productions Are Unleashing The Most Hateful Slab Of Hate Ever Hated On This Planet. The Hate-Filled Hate-Mongers At Larval Have Welded Together With The White Hot Heat Of Hate The Three Most Odious Black Metal Bands Into One Malevolent Chimera of Hate. Are You Prepared To Handle This Much Hate? Read the Fine Print Below And Enter At Your Own Peril.

Eviscerating Sound Attack From A Martial Black Metal Triumvirate.
Dedicated Onto Vinyl As A Triple Gatefold LP.
Featuring Exclusive Demoniac Artwork And Bonus Tracks
Fulfilling A Total And Uncompromising Aesthetic Of Hate.

It’s Easy To Claim Being The Most Hateful, Though. Hell, Bands As Diverse As Chimaira To Kreator To The Amenta Have All Been Characterized By Their Varying Degrees Of Hate. But How Much Hate Do Those Bands Really Have In Comparison To The True Lords Of Hate? Are Their Hate Levels Measurable At The San Bernadino Seismic Center Of Tectonic Hate Analysis? UNLIKELY!

True Hate, The Kind Of Hate That Comes Straight From Old Nick’s Blackened Heart And Loins, Can Only Be Found In The Truest and Blackest Hearts and Loins Of Black Metal. Need Proof? Just Look At Shining‘s Self-Mutilating Hate Art Or All The Hate That Hateful Bands Like Taake Inspire In the Hated Hearts Of PC Haters Who Hate Metal So Much That They Want To Shut Down Our Hate With Their Own Hate!

But Even These Hateful Brothers Pale In Comparison To The Hate Conjured On Atomic Regurgitation From The Three Mouths of Humanicidal Hate. Whether It’s The Production Or The Shockingly Beautiful Lead Guitars Or The Completely Indecipherable Vocals, There Is Something Here For Everyone To Hate. However, The Question Remains As To Which Of The Three Bands Who Contributed Hate To This Split Contributed The Most Hate. Are Lords Of Depression, With Their Hateful Riffs And Malevolent Songcraft The Most Filled With Hate? Do The Malediction-Spewing Infernal Sacrament Really, Really Bring The Hate? Or Do Tetragrammacide, The Reigning Kings Of Pure Fidelity Hate Assert Their Hate Dominance? Read On To Find Out Which You’ll Hate The Most.

Lord Of Depression

Lord of Depression Win Points In The Hate Metric For Describing Themselves As “BLACK FUCKING METAL OF HATE SINCE 1994“And For Having Fairly Hateful Album Art. The Rasped Vocals Certainly Add To The Hate Too, But There Is Only About As Much Hate As Conjured By Kreator On Their Side Of The Split. Plus, The Band Loses Hate Points For Too Much Melody In Their Riffs. Make No Mistake, The Riffs Are Excellent And Channel The Most Triumphant Moments of Second-Wave Black Metal And Thrash Metal, But The Riffs Are A Little Too Glorious And Melodic. Those Licks That Pop Up At The Cymbal Strikes In “‘Til Heaven Falls” Make Me Feel Things Aside From Hate, And I Hate That. Plus, The Solos Are Super Sexy, And We All Know It’s Impossible To Hate Things When You’re Having Sex, So Those Lusty, Beautiful Solos Have Got To Go. Overall, This Side Of The Split Has Nice Aggression But Not Enough Hate. Skip It Unless You Want To Hear Well-Written Riffs With Hooks That Make You Feel Things Other Than Hate.

3/5 Mephisto (Lord Of Hatred) Heads


Infernal Sacrament

This Is More Like It. Infernal Sacrament Bring The Blasts and The Tremolo Riffs Caked With A Layer of Hate Filth. You Know, The Kind Of Filth That You Have To Wash Off After You Spend All Day Outside Of Your Dungeon Doing Normal Person Things Like Shopping At Gap Outlet And Buying Your Mother Flowers For Her Birthday. That Is The Kind Of Filth Residue That Only A Shower Of Virgin Goat Blood Can Remove, and Infernal Sacrament Have Rolled Around In That Filth For Their Side Of The Split. Also The Vocalist Probably Gargles That Filth In The Shower Because You Can’t Understand His Porcine Grunts Of Hate At All! This Side Of The Split Would Deliver A Perfect Hate Rating, But The Band Gets A Little Technical, Introducing Some Peerless Fills And Rhythmic Changes at Both The 1:00 and 2:00 Marks Of “Visions Of The Demonic,” And If There’s One Thing We Can Be Certain Of, It’s That That Level Of Showboating Musicianship And Talent Is To Be Hated And Feared. Still, This Side Is Pretty Hateful, Incorporating Elements of Youthful Society Hate From Punk While Indulging Deranged Black Metal Hate Fantasies. This Is A Good Hate Teaser For The Final Band On The Split.

4/5 Mephisto (Lord Of Hatred) Heads



Yes, This Is What I’m Talking About! I Have Seen The Sweet Black Light Of Hate And Been Reborn As A Hated Fetus In A Womb Of Hate And Despair. Tetragrammacide Clearly Hate Everything. They Hate Audio Fidelity. They Hate Clarity. They Hate Discernible Structure. They Hate Quiet. They Hate Patience. They Hate All Drum Beats That Aren’t Blasts And All Riffs That Can’t Be Described As Slabs Of Hate. They Clearly Hate Listeners And Those Listeners’ Eardrums. They Hate The Scene And All The Whiney Posers In It. They Probably Hate Their Label, Their Fans, And This Blog For Giving Them Coverage. They Probably Hate Their Dads Too, But Probably Not Their Moms Because Even The Most Necro Of Filths Love Their Moms. I Have Never Seen This Much Concentrated Hate In All Of My Wasted Years For Which I Hate Myself. Damn, This Side Of The Split Reminded Me Of How Much I Hate Myself For Liking What Tetragrammacide Are Doing Here, And Surely There Is No Deeper, Purer Hatred Than Self-Loathing. Tetragrammacide Win The Hate Trophy Forever And Ever. Amen.

5/5 Mephisto (Lord Of Hatred) Heads


If You Hate Yourself For Not Purchasing This Split When It Was Initially Offered On Cassette Last September, You Can Now Try To Consume More Physical Media To Suppress That Quiet, Hateful Voice Inside Telling You How Worthless You Are By Buying This Split As A Triple Gatefold LP From Larval Productions. The Vinyl Will Be Pressed On Three Different Shades Of Hate, Each Produced In A Limited Quantity Of 166 (The Number Of The Hate Beast), So Act Fast To Get In On The Hate Train At The Ground Floor. Savvy Consumers Will Find Three Extra Slabs of Hate, One From Each Band, That Were Not Included On The Cassette Release As Bonus Tracks Of Hate.

Happy Hating


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