Riff ov the Week: The One Word Chorus Edition


It’s not that hard of a theme, ya bunch of bellyachers. One word choruses have long been a staple of metal. A staple, I say!

Last week, I wasn’t here. I was making my way back across the ocean in that blasted cylindrical sky-prison, forced to choose facing forward, facing left, or facing right. Forward meant Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 mocking me from five shitty screens running down the length of the aisle; left meant staring out the window and being overwhelmed by fear because my neighbor (who as an added bonus also loved farting in confined spaces) insisted on keeping it open; right meant awkwardly facing the passengers across the aisle and also hurting my neck because I slept on it wrong the night before.

I ended up sitting in the lavatory and crying for most of the trip.

Next week:

  • I think we’re overdue for a regular ol’ riff-off. If any of you have been holding onto a killer riff, now is the time to bust it out.
  • Send your riff to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a description, a link, and the time of the riff.
  • Here we go.



Attila Csihar’s, pre-/better-than-Mayhem band Tormentor had a real overlooked classic in Anno Domini.

“Beyonnnnd!” 1:20.



“Pestileeeence!” at 1:16.



Something about Toxic Holocaust‘s Conjure and Command just pushes all the right buttons in my brain. Joel Grind could sell riffs by the pound and make a living from it, the one played during the chorus of “Revelations” (0:52) is just one of way too many to count.


Ron Deuce

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to participate in this one and then I remembered that The Armed put out one of the best songs this year. I just want to yell “Polarizer!” at everyone for absolutely no reason. Not only is the song awesome but the music video for it just may be the best thing ever.



I pick “It” by Cretin, because Matthew Widener is a dimmadarn genius with an epic beard. (0:40) For the first instance of repeated one-word chorus, but the song’s short enough to listen to the whole thing!



Simple yet effective, nearly every riff in Death‘s early catalogue is an absolute ripper. Chuck was always great with taking very little, and doing a lot with it. Riff starts around :36.


Kim Jong Un

After picking my brain for a good long while, FINALLY thought of a song that meets the Olympus Mons-esque standards of this ROTW. The riff pretty much goes throughout the whole song starting at 1:30.



This week’s riff idea is absurd, so I looked to an absurd man for inspiration. Guide me to victory over Masterdictator, Devin. Riff at 2:25. [I prefer Dictatorlord. — Masterlord]


Howard Dean

Get ready to shout and rock the fuck out! This riff/chorus combo is fucking choice. If you’re not shouting along to this one whilst playing air guitar, you might need professional help. WEL-TEN…FEEEEEEINNND! Starts at 1:19, and the awesomeness goes for about 30 seconds and repeats a few more times throughout the track.


Ted Nü-Djent

Those who are on the Toilet Ov Hell Facebook page should be familiar with how much I’ve banged on about Enforcers stellar 2015 album From Beyond and a keen observer will note that I have submitted a track from this album once before. 1:20 is where the riff behind the one word chorus. Bonus points for this bands cheesy low budget 80’s style video.



0:55 – SLAUGHTERED!!!! Don’t worry, toileteers; admitting you love this song probably won’t result in that dude from Paysage D’hiver calling you and demanding that you return your super kult Paysage D’hiver cassette tapes. Even if he wanted to call you to tell you what a poseur you are, his cellphone service probably sucks in that snowy field he likes to chill out in. (Get it? “snowy field” and “chill out”???? Harharhar!).



I want to play! “Riff” first starts @ 1:20. Self-explanatory.



One-word chorus? I’ll do you one better. Here’s a one-word song. At about 0:12, in what may or may not technically be a chorus, the vocals kick in with the song’s sole lyric: “Ammunition.” The little pause between each “Ammunition! Ammunition!” breaks up the blasting a little bit, adding some nice dynamics to the song. It’s a catchy little ditty that I find myself singing along with whenever it pops up on my trusty Zune.



Would this be inappropriate?

Joe Thrashnkill

Shhhhhhhhh. I’m drunk rn so don’t tell Masterlord I’m putting this in RoTW OK? OK?? Cool.


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