Iron Reagan Crossover Ministry Album Giveaway!


Wanna win a copy of Iron Reagan’s latest thrashtravaganza? Running out of creative new ways to tell your neighbours to get fucked? Simply tell us what genres you’d like to see hybridise for your chance to score a free copy of Crossover Ministry.

We all know the sordid details behind the origins of crossover, the lurid tales of drunken debauchery are legendary. The sub-genres hybridised so readily that taxonomists have been trying to work out which side of the gene pool to assign the ripped denim and which dropped out of school first. In the end, it matters not, as the two are forever entwined in metal lore, so while some nerds sit around anxiously adjusting their cladograms, we can crack a cold beer and yell along to “DOGSNOTGODS” knowing full well that when the sun rises and the brain-melting hangover sets in, crossover will still be there, in all its bandana-clad glory, ready to rip the scab off another tinny and start all over again. Thank fuck for that.

Today, thanks to the Toilet ov Hell’s second most generous benefactor Killer, we’ve got a copy of Iron Reagan’s instant-party classic Crossover Ministry to give away. How can you win this? Well instead of our usual photochop style competitions, I’ve decided to do something a little more straightforward to match the succinct nature of the band’s music.

Simply tell us which two existing (sub-)genres you’d like to see crossover to form a new style.

Be as creative as you like. Describe the sonic combination. Maybe make up a band that would exemplify your new genre. What would they sound like? The choice is yours. Me? I dunno. Not sure if it’s a fully fledged sub-genre as yet but I could go for some more of that surfy-black metal. I think the twangy-psychedelic sounding guitars fuse surprisingly well with black metal riffing motifs. What else would be cool to hear hybridise? Hmmmm….dissonant thrash? That’d be tough to work. Pizza-grind? Nah, the tiny slices might make you feel ripped-off. Tech-doom? Uhhhh… you can see, I’ve got nothing. I’m sure that’s not the case for you though. So let’s hear your new crossover genres in the comments below and we’ll pick a winner to send the album some time in the next few days. You get one entry each, so mull it over for a bit and give us your best answer/description to ensure victory!

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