Video Premiere: Beyond Grace – “Buyer’s Remorse” Playthrough


Despite that title, I don’t regret this a bit.

In the grand tradition of talking tech death on Thursdays, let us observe a pair of instrumental masters at work. We’re bringing you some heat today in the form of a guitar playthrough of “Buyer’s Remorse,” the second track of last year’s Beyond Grace EP, Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Part 1. Our boy DF gave the album glowing praise back in January, and allow me to reiterate: this EP rips. Beyond Grace has been all about music that is as punchy as it is cerebral since day one, and this latest iteration on their sound is the tightest they’ve ever been. This is a band that well and truly feels like a unit, each little part of the group absolutely integral to every moment of the song.

Their compositions and performances consistently impress in equal measure, and it’s all the more impressive when you can actually see it in action. This playthrough is completely instrumental, stripping away the vocals to let the guitarists take the spotlight in full. It’s really cool hearing and seeing little intricacies pop out more; the devil’s in the details, and being able to pick them out more clearly always gives me a greater sense of appreciation for the music. Check it out if you want a closer look at the performances, or if you just need a banger tune in your ears:

Welcome to the New Dark Ages, Part 1 is out now
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