Listen to the 1st Episode of Toilet ov Hell Radio


In this inaugural episode of our brand-new radio program we’re talking about rabbits and debuting new music from Cannibal Accident, Pectus Excavatum, Siegelord, and Zealotry! Join me and the mighty warrior Randall Thor for a half hour of new jams and bullshitting.

Music featured in this program:

  • Cannibal Accident – “Foreskin Noose” from their upcoming LP Ritual Paprika, out April 8th on Nailjar Records. (Preorder) (Facebook)
  • Pectus Excavatum – “Exit”. (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
  • Siegelord – “Siegelord” from Ascent of the Fallen. (Facebook) (Bandcamp)
  • Zealotry – “Cybernetic Eucharist” from their upcoming LP The Last Witness, out April 22nd. (Facebook) (Bandcamp)
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