Toilet Radio 359 – Flossing On Your Band


DAVID VINCENT WATCH: Pete “The Feet” Sandoval confirmed to join I AM MORBID’s upcoming tour! / Ozzy has had enough of TAXACHUSETTS (California) / Tommy Vext is going back to the well (antivax nu metal). The well, she is dry. / Bandcamp got bought by Fortnite. What does it mean for the noisegrind economy??? / Is hardcore dumber now that it was in the 90s? We ask the tough questions. / Don’t have anything nice to say about the co-owners of Hell’s Headbangers records! CW: sexual assault – skip from 52:00 to 59:00 to avoid this segment / Cold War 2.0 sucks man / Bleed good.

Music featured on this sode:
Bleed – Somebody’s Closer

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