Metal Without Context


Embrace the  power of the gif.

We here at Toilet Ov Hell, LLC always enjoy having a good laugh when it comes to music videos. Video Breakdowns, one of the oldest ongoing features on this here site, has been running since 2014. While the running commentary is there to make you laugh in the moment, sometimes you just need to see what is happening in the video to really get the full, hysterical picture. Should metal bands still make music videos? As long as they still bring the laughs, then yes.

Context is everything, especially in the world of metal. Even when things are in context in metal videos, it can still not really make any sense. Out of context, though, is where the real comedy lies. In order to give these “WTF” moments the proper attention they deserve, we have created a new Twitter account by the handle of @MetalwoContext dedicated to posting these funny gifs without any context. Just “Here, take a look at this. Do with it what you will.” What better way to encapsulate the silliness of metal music videos than with a few seconds-long bite with zero explanation?

Below is a sampling of what you can find on that account. You’ll recognize a lot from Video Breakdowns. Synergy! Can’t watch a video because you’re at work? Now you can enjoy the absurdity of our chosen genre of music in wonderful silence, repeating forever until the end of time or until we nuke ourselves back to the stone age.


Be sure to give @MetalwoContext a follow, a retweet, or whatever else you crazy kids do nowadays with your sexting and your Snapchatting.

What are some of your favorite random metal gifs and pictures? Have any videos that deserve attention via @MetalwoContext? Post ’em in the comments.

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