TMP: Immortal, Tomb Mold, Replacire, and More


A bottomless pit of song premieres. Get ’em while they are hot!

I’ve seen mostly positive things about the new Immortal track. It certainly goes hard.

Another Micawber track, album out next Friday. I like how this sounds.

Check out these Tomb Mold tracks. Album out June 8.

In case you missed the first new Obscura track, here you go.

  • Mutoid Man released the rest of their covers EP.
  • 20 Buck Spin has a demo of the new Spirit Adrift.
  • The Black Crown Initiate vocalist joined Replacire. This could be neat.
  • Deafheaven previewed a new track. It’s 60 seconds of sawft stuff.
  • Here are a whole bunch of Nine Inch Nails US dates.
  • Nequient premiered a track over at Decibel. Whipsack. Album out Friday.
  • New Dopethrone track.
  • New track and video from Gruesome, album out June 1.
  • Municipal Waste has a few Northeast tour dates.
  • Inter Arma plan to have a new album early next year. That’s like forever from now.
  • Alterbeast, Inferi, and Reaping Asmodeia are hitting the road in July.
  • Lamb of God released a Bad Brains cover.
  • Not to be outdone by Core 10 last week, Jonathan Davis premiered a song for this week.
  • The sawftest of all the sawft djent bands, Skyharbor released a new track.
  • Slayer’s “farewell” tour in Europe has dates and openers.
  • New Attila, if you hate yourself and also women.
  • Jesus Piece will have a new album in August.
  • Skinless are streaming a new track on Bandcamp.
  • Napalm Death music video.
  • New Alien Weaponry track and video is, uh, something else.
  • New Babymetal single, after last week’s “omg are there only two bbymtl girls now?!” To which the label responded, “no”.
  • New Graveyard track.
  • New Nervosa track and video, album out June 1.
  • This Vein video is TOO FUCKING BRIGHT.
  • Another new Sevendust track.
  • Idk man, Orgy or something.
  • Harm’s Way and Soft Kill have a few PNW dates.
  • Signing news:
    Fit for an Autopsy signed to Nuclear Blast
    Dee Snider signed to Napalm Records
    Humanity’s Last Breath signed to Unique Leader
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