Flush it Friday: Meta(l)zoa Edish


As a Cormorant sycophant acolyte fan, finding a biology book entitled Metazoa (sharing a name with the band’s debut LP) pretty much guaranteed I would purchase it. Peter Godfrey-Smith brings us from the moment(s?) the first cell membranes were formed through the evolution of the mind, exploring subsequently what a “mind” actually is. No, not in the navel-gazing Alex Grey galaxy-brain meme way. Like this: inside our cells, water molecules collide with our organelles every trillionth of a second. That’s basically impossible to comprehend, much like why Machine Head continues to put out albums.

Hans cut to the quick with this early January review of Scalpel‘s Century in the Boilpit:

Review: Scalpel – Century in the Boilpit

Tha Boiz Chat Pile Chat Pile Chat Pile Chat Pile Grimace_Smoking_Weed.jpg Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 411 – Failed Flippers and Soggy Singers

365 takes a look at some Iced Earth merchandise to celebrate the anniversary of our very own insurrection day. DAE in the band consider hot sauce doesn’t make much sense for a band with ice in the title?

Shirt Stains: Iced Earth January 6th Blowout Bonanza

Got any 2023 wishlist albums/albums slated for the year that you’re looking forward to? Tell me in the G/B/Us, and make fun of Jon with me. ~Roldy <3

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